General FAQ

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Unfortunately not. Sonic Nuance Electronics LLC only serves the continental US at this time

Q: How can you charge so little for hand-made work?

A: Every effort is made to streamline the manufacturing process to keep assembly time low and consistency high. Common parts are purchased in bulk and products are standardized. Plus, there are no middle men, thus a larger percentage of the purchase price goes towards the products.

Q: Why do you charge so much?

A: I believe the prices are quite reasonable when you factor in the quality of the parts, workmanship, design and ruggedness of the products – in other words, the overall value. My father taught me to buy the best when it comes to tools. As I consider all of the SNE product to be tools for the musician/sound engineer, I do everything in my power to make these tools the best. My goal is that years from your initial purchase you are happy with the tools you buy from SNE. I do not compete on price alone – there are other companies who put price as a higher priority. For example, SNE puts a priority on designing, assembling and using as many parts from the USA as possible with strict quality control which tends to drive up the price. If price is your primary concern, there are many other companies to choose from – feel free to ask for recommendations.

Q: How can I get in touch?

A: Please see the Contact Us section of the website. Communication is very important to me. If you have questions or comments, feel free to email or call. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Can I contact Sonic Nuance Electronics via phone or email to ask for recommendations on equipment, suggestions for playing and general questions?

A: Yes, if I can help with your questions, I will do my best. Please realize that during busy times I may delay in responding. I consider this type of communication an important part of serving the community and I feel an obligation to help those who are newer to performing. Whatever non proprietary knowledge I have I will will be happy to share with you and will not charge for.

Q: I took apart a product and now it doesn’t work. Please send a new one.

A: Opening up any of the products voids the warranty. This is done for several reasons:

  1. It discourages people from modding (modifying) the products and doing more harm than good
  2. I can only guarantee my work and the parts I have carefully chosen for the designs. Anything else is out of my control and thus I cannot warrant.

Q: Why do you use Company Y’s part in your product when Company X offers a US made equivalent?

A: It depends on how the parts compare. If the quality is better for a specific design goal I am addressing and any price difference is proportional to that quality difference, I will generally choose the US based part. In some cases the quality is inferior or the superior quality doesn’t justify the price difference for my design goals. In those cases I use the “Company Y” part. In other cases I may have had an excellent track record (sometimes over years) in using “Company Y’s” part which I factor into the decision. There are many other points to consider (like part availability, lead time, quality control, durability, etc).

Q: Who made your cool logo?

A: I used a talented graphic designer named Daniel McGlaughlin for the logo, help with graphic overlays on the DIs as well as many of the concepts on the website. Here is his website: