Sonic Nuance Portrait

Hello, my name is Ted Burmas and I am the owner and sole proprietor of Sonic Nuance Electronics.   I have a love for live musical performance and electronics.  This small business was started by me in 2012 to fulfill a dream of making equipment for discerning musical performers, sound engineers and worship teams.

     I have over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications, disk drive storage, aerospace and power industries as an analog mixed-signal circuit designer and have a master's degree in electrical engineering and computer science. I have designed and/or worked on active filters, amplifiers, transceivers, ADCs, DACs, power supplies and image detection systems to name a few.  I have patents in analog amplifiers, dc-dc converters and combining direct boxes with digital technology.

     I am an avid bassist and classical guitarist (in band situations I love bass, when playing unaccompanied I love classical guitar). I also play acoustic steel-string guitar and upright bass. On the electric bass I am mostly self taught and have played over 30 years. For the classical guitar I have had seven years of private instruction with a fantastic teacher and have been playing for about 15 years.

     I have played bass (five string fretted, fretless and electric upright) on praise and worSonic Nuance Onstage Portraitship teams for the past 10 years sometimes playing twice a week plus rehearsals. Occasionally I play steel string guitar with the Worship teams when they need a backup.  I have played steel string guitar in a children's ministry I lead for a year (the kids are a tough audience, but it is a joy). I have played bass in many a bar during my rock, bluegrass and jazz gigging days and occasional weddings and college faculty functions on the classical guitar.

Tone and sound quality are very, very important to me. If I can't get the sound I "hear" in my head to come through an instrument, I quickly lose inspiration and don't want to play it. I spent one year on each of my instruments "dialing them in" in terms of action, equalization, strings and pickup settings.... Yes, I am that much of a tone chaser, and it drives me nuts sometimes. This obsessive search for the tone I am chasing goes into each product that I sell.

Customer service means a lot to me.  I have modeled Sonic Nuance after my favorite businesses that offer only the highest quality products with great customer service. If something isn't right with a purchase I want to know about it.  I will do my best to correct whatever issue there is. Feel free to call or email  about the products I sell with any questions you may have. In addition, information I have that might help you as a player I will be happy to pass on - including recommendations for instruction books, equipment, etc.

Finally, I want to point out that the company name summarizes my goal: make electronics that allow the sonic nuance of the performer to come through them.

Thank you for visiting,