Tuner + DI (TDI)

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The only pedal you need to gig or record.

  • Passive Jensen transformer based direct box with phantom or dc powered chromatic instrument tuner and mute functionality.
  • Frequency response better than 20Hz-20kHz (well below a low B string and higher than 12th fret of a guitar).
  • Tuner responds to a low B and below with ease.
  • More accurate and stable tuning (+/-1cent min) than Mk1.
  • Signal path 100% analog.
  • Be able to change the battery in your instrument while your channel is active using the mute
  • Signal path physically disconnected from the tuner during play mode.
  • XLR and 1/4 inch outputs are muted during tuning operation.
  • Direct box and mute functions operate with or without phantom power or dc power.
  • Now comes standard with dc powering option!
  • Hand assembled, designed and tested in the USA with the highest quality components and construction techniques.
  • US Patent: 9,355,629
  • Bass Gear Magazine Review
  • Tape Op Magazine Review
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2 reviews for Tuner + DI (TDI)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christopher Todd Jordan

    Sonic Nuance TDI Mk2

    The Sonic Nuance TDI Mk2 is a tuner and direct input device in one unit. This has essential appeal because it takes the place of two must-have utility items on my pedal board.

    The TDI arrived quickly and was packed well. Everything about this item is quality. The enclosure is stout metal. All inputs, outputs, and the foot switch are high-grade and chassis-mounted (rather than the more fragile PCB-mount). The labeling is all business and suggests studio-level gear. In fact, there is a Jensen JT-DB transformer under the hood doing the impedance-matching magic. There are little touches too like gold-plated XLR pins and substantial rubber feet. There is no battery compartment. The TDI runs on phantom power whenever the DI is being used. When you’re not using the DI function (or not supplying phantom power through it) the TDI also takes standard center-negative 9-24 VDC pedal power.

    The DI:
    I took the TDI to a gig for a test-drive. I put it on my pedal board at the beginning of the chain. At sound check I immediately noticed the improvement over my old cheapo, passive direct box. The TDI had incredible dynamic range. The sound was lively, full and clear. The tone possessed more bass, more treble- more everything. My bass guitar sounded like a bass guitar through the mains, not the sterile, lifeless, generic sound I had always loathed before. There was a delightful and subtle overdriven sound through the TDI. I don’t know if this was from my passive bass’s hot pick-ups overloading the TDI’s transformer or if I was simply hearing my instrument’s true tone for the first time. Either way, it was delightful. My sound guy LOVED it.
    The tuner:
    The average pedal tuner does not play nicely with the low B string on a five-string bass. The TDI doesn’t have any trouble at all. Response on the B string was just as swift and accurate as on all the other strings. This tuner is both more quick to respond and more accurate than the industry-standard pedal tuner I have been using. The TDI has an LED display for the note and single LED’s that light for flat and sharp notes. Two LED’s on either side of a center target LED indicate pitch; flat to the left, sharp to the right. As you approach the target pitch, only the center LED lights-up. When you’re dead-on, the two LED’s on either side flash quickly in affirmation. I found this feature helpful and quite satisfying.

    The Sonic Nuance TDI Mk2 does tuning and DI better than anything I have ever owned or been provided and it’s super well-built.

    Not overpriced for the quality and convenience, but this piece of gear comes with a substantial price tag. The TDI is slightly larger than a pedal tuner (but no larger than a traditional DI). If you’re into saving the cardboard box your pedals come in, you’re out of luck – the TDI does not come in a box.

    -Christopher Todd Jordan, July 2016

    • Sonic Nuance

      Thank you Chris for the thorough review! I’ve located a source for boxes to package the product in so that concern is now addressed 🙂

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tim Tay

    The TDI is built with quality and the tuner is precise! Put this baby in the first or last of your pedalboard chain and you could take it off easily for acoustic gigs. After 2 months, the MK2 has been flawless. No clicking noise when I press on any button nor have I experienced any static.
    Ted is more than willing to help with any questions or concerns. Sonic Nuance is offering mods for the MK2 to have a regular 9V DC adapter for the tuner, great for venues without phantom power. Love the thought and quality behind each step of the TDI.

    • Sonic Nuance

      Thanks for the kind words Tim! I will be announcing soon that all TDI MK2 will come standard with 9V DC jack. This came about as several customers (including you) asked for the feature which got me thinking up a circuit change. Thanks for the request!

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TDI Specs:

Construction Approach Modular military-style for field servicability. Chassis mounting for all I/O. All components selected for ruggedness and sound quality. Durable Lexan graphic overlay protects display. Switches bumper guarded.
DI Type Passive transformer balanced. DI operates with or without phantom power.
Transformer Jensen JT-DB
Voltage Gain -22dB typ
Frequency Response -0.25dB at 20Hz to 0.1dB at 20kHz.
Mute type Output electrically disconnected from input. Mute operates with or without phantom power.
¼" jacks Switchcraft with rugged metal threads
Footswitch Rugged latching type.
Power & groundlift switches MK2:Pushbutton with metal covers, MK1:Self cleaning toggle type with metal bat, nut and threads
XLR jack Neutrik. Balanced (via transformer)
AES Standard:
Pin 2 positive
Pin 3 Negative
Pin 1 Ground
DC Power Jack (standard on MK2, optional other models) 2.1mm center negative. 9 to 24V dc regulated supply. 100mA current capacity minimum
XLR THD @ 20Hz 1kohm load +4dBu input 0.04% typical (dominant distortion is the 3rd harmonic) - Jensen Transformer
XLR THD @ 1kHz 1kohm load +4dBu input 0.003% typical (dominant distortion is the 3rd harmonic) - Jensen Transformer
Tuning indicators/td> Mk2: from +/-1cent, continuously variable to +/-50cents, Mk1: from +/-2cents, continuously variable to +/-50cents
Reference Pitch A4=440Hz
Tuning algorithm Proprietary low power with adaptive filtering
Tuning range E0-E5 (~20Hz to ~660Hz) (below low B of bass to 12th fret high E string of a standard tuned guitar)
Tuning Accuracy Mk2: Better than +/-1 cents E0 (~20Hz ) to A4 (440Hz) (-20dBu pure sine wave). Mk1: Better than +/-2 cents E0 (~20Hz ) to A4 (440Hz) (-20dBu pure sine wave).
FCC Approval Complies with Title 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart B (unintentional radiators)
Power circuitry Proprietary soft power on/power off and dynamic load control
Indicators LEDs for power and mute indication P48 phantom powered. DI and mute feature operate without phantom power
Enclosure Hammond Die cast Aluminum with lap-joint construction. Precision CNC machined after a rugged textured polyester powder coat is applied for better electrical connectivity for jacks.
Enclosure Dimensions 2.6" x 3.6" x 4.6"
Current Draw Less than 8mA average from P48 Phantom power per IEC 61938 specification. Active power regulation.
Warranty Three year limited (see website for details)

Specifications subject to change without notice

"I've been very happily checking out and testing some products from Sonic Nuance Electronics since NAMM, and have some very good impressions of this DI and the extremely high quality, lifetime warrantied cable that they produce. The DI is transformer based using a Jensen transformer, and features one of the most accurate and stable built in tuners for bass I've ever used. It actually tracks and reads the open low B string, and well! It's extremely high grade, transparent, rugged gear. It doesn't impart its own sonic character if you're looking for that, but if faithful reproduction and signal balancing is what you're after, you'd be hard pressed to do better." - Sean Fairchild. Bassist, Singer for Combinator
"It does indeed feel well made. It’s in a steel case, with heavy rubber feet and bumpers protecting the switches. All the jacks are panel not PCB mounted, which means they will last far longer. I opened it up, and the inside components are very clean and well thought out. This is a quality product." - Mike Sessler, Church Tech Arts. Read the entire review here
"These are the best quality cables and DI I have ever used. The headphone extenders are a must for any instrumentalist using Avioms. I love em!" - Scott Taylor, Worship Pastor at Resonate Church, Fremont, CA